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Indian Wedding Photographer

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Simran Studios caters primarily to the Indian and Pakistani community providing professional Photography and Videography services. Our photographers and videographers serve the following states:
Indian and Pakistani clientele in New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Connecticut (CT), Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), Delaware (DE), Boston Massachusetts (MA), Florida (FL), West Virginia (WV), Rhode Island (RI), Houston Texas (TX).
Our photographers and videographers also serve Los Angeles California (CA), Hawaii (HI), Chicago Illinois (IL), Baltimore Maryland (MD), Ohio (OH), Indiana (IN) , Portland Oregon (OR), Detroit Michigan (MI), Atlanta Georgia (GA), Pennsylvania (PA) and worldwide.
Simran Studios is familiar with various Indian and Pakistani cultures and wedding customs. Our past engagement & wedding clients include people from Hindu, Punjabi, Muslim, Sikh etc ethnicities.

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Indian Wedding Photographer, Indian Wedding Videographers