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2012 wedding season almost full


Encourage all bride and grooms to finalize their Indian wedding photographers and videographers soon. 2012 season is almost full and only select dates are left.

Indian Wedding photographer – goals for 2012


Constant planning. Actively researching new technologies and making a href=http://www.simranstudios.comSimran studios/a the best photog studio in tri state area.

Indian wedding photographer Newark nj


Newark is one of the commercial hubs of nj. Beautiful city full of various industry’s and public universities such as rutgers university and new jersey institute of technology.
Having graduated from Njit based out of Newark and having first pursuit my wedding photography in my college days, I always welcome opportunities to cone take pictures at the near by venues.

South jersey Indian wedding photographer


This past wedding season we found ourselves traveling up and down nj turnpike on multiple Occasions.
South jersey has been kind to us and we have covered multiple weddings from brides based out of Philly and cherry hill area. We recently covered wedding off of rt 73.
Best wishes to all 2011 south jersey brides.

India wedding photography


India Wedding Photography

The first image that comes to mind, when looking at India wedding photography is the color red, and the henna on the brides hand and feet, what a lovely combination of art and beauty at it best. India wedding photography is art in its self, the bride simply compliments the outer dressings, one can almost hear the strings playing and the emotion is truly felt.

The look in the brides face tells the whole story in one Madonna smile, and the groom, what can I say look at his eyes and see the love for his bride shining through. India wedding photography tells everyone that this isn’t just a wedding this is a culture displaying it finest, art and people.

India wedding photography is, and can be a love story told in dress, body art, and positing of the bride and groom, when photo is taken, every bride loves her wedding picture, lounging, or standing with as I said before with that mysterious smile on her face, the photo focuses on the eyes and the story is there if you look closely, a good photographer can find this look in the brides eyes, and make the person looking at the photo feel the mystery and the pull.

Indian Wedding Photographer NJ


Indian Wedding Photographer NJ

Indian Wedding Photographer NJ specializes in making your wedding come to life, through beautiful yet memorable wedding photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Indian Wedding Photographer NJ also ensures that you receive high quality, elegant photos at a reasonable price. There’s nothing that makes us happier than to satisfy the needs of our clients. We capture every detail and memorable moment, so that you’ll never forget that magnificent feeling you felt as you walked down that isle.

Indian Wedding Photographer NJ utilizes the best and latest equipment to ensure your wedding photos come out looking spectacular. You won’t regret the service we provide and our photographers are highly qualified to deliver professional high end service. We make sure to send only the best. One of our main goals is to give you photos you will love for years to come. Sharing your memories with family and friends of the spectacular day of your dreams.